Here we come!

Abreu Fellow Ben Fuller and Communications Director Virginia Hecker finalizing plans for a visit at Big Noise, Scotland's flagship El Sistema-inspired program.  

The Abreu Fellows are now planning internships (October 24-November 18) throughout United States and around the world to collaborate with El Sistema-inspired programs in cities including Chicago, Cincinati, Juneau, Costa Rica, and Scotland. During our U.S. internships, we will be documenting the achievements of the field through active practice, exchange, and collaboration.

I am particularly excited about meeting and working with El Sistema-inspired teachers, directors, public policy strategists, and advocates of music for social change and innovation. I am focusing my internship in four key themes related to the exploration and development of El Sistema models in the United States. These include examining best practices and collaborations; public policy and advocacy; sustainability; and translation in the context of our music education ecosystems. I plan to be in residence in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and in New York City. Organizations I will be visiting include the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (ORCHKids), Organization of American States, and the League of American Orchestras.

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