Playing Mozart

Mozart is one of my favorite composers. Many of times, the beauty in his music lies in its simplicity, yet every note must be fashioned like a pearl, each sound should be carefully crafted. The concerto in A Major K. 414,  is one of his early works for piano and orchestra. The little A Major as it is often referred to is an excellent example of music that is melodious and clear in it is classical structure (three movements, I-IV-I with sonata and rondo forms).  The concerto, originally scored for for solo piano, two oboes, two bassoons, two horns, and strings can also be performed "a quattro" with only string quartet and piano. This version, also by the composer, is a wonderful example of a musical dialogue, an intimate conversation between a pianist and a string quartet. I hope you will enjoy my performance of the work with the South Dakota String Quartet, featuring the principal string players of the South Dakota Symphony.  

Track Listing: 

1.Mozart: Concerto for Piano in A major K. 414, Allegro 09:37
2. Mozart: Concerto for Piano in A major K. 414, Andante 09:34
3. Mozart: Concerto for Piano in A major K. 414, Rondo 05:46

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