Music in the Heart of Queens

Imagination meets possibility, October 7, 2011

During our recent trip to New York, we met with our good friend Alvaro Rodas, a former Fulbright Scholar and Abreu Fellow ‘10. He graciously hosted us at Nucleo Corona, an inspiring musical community, right in the heart of Queens. The nucleo focuses on project based learning, with opportunities ranging from week-long camps with guest choral director Sanna Valvanne to paper orchestra projects, and bucket-band percussion ensembles. Alvaro believes in the orchestra as an ensemble that transcends cultural barriers and allows young people to discover and enact teamwork and discipline.

Alvaro and his team of teachers, parents, and volunteers are making a difference in their community through music. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your work with us all. Please visit to find out more about the project!

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