Schumann Anniversary

In music there is always something to be perfected, to be made more beautiful. Here, fine tuning a transition for our performance of the Schumann Piano Concerto. Conductor and soloist, at work: 

Bernd Müller and Hernandez-Estrada, November 2010.

Mexico - Bicentenario 2010

El 18 de septiembre, mil niños pertenecientes a los Núcleos Comunitarios de Aprendizaje Musical (Nucam) del Sistema Nacional de Fomento Musical del Conaculta, ofrecieron conciertos sinfónicos simultáneos en 11 ciudades del país. Con el título Así suenan los Núcleos enRead more

Schubert and The Beatles

The South Texas Youth Symphony performs Schubert's Unfinished Symphony. 

The Youth Symphony joins the Success Through Strings program. 

Dress rehearsal for Maestro Hernandez-Estrada and his young musicians. 

Composing Change

I recently attended the symposium "Composing Change" which took place May 6-8, 2010 at  the EXPO Center and Walt Disney Concert Hall. The event focused on a global perspective of El Sistema-influenced programs taking root beyond the borders of Venezuela…Read more

Under Tiffany's Glow  

Rehearsing for the recital in Chicago. 

I had the honor of performing at the Dame Myra Hess Concert series in Chicago. The concert was held on January 21st at Chicago's beautiful Cultural Center (Preston Bradley Hall). The performance was…Read more

Between the Oslofjord and the forests

(I took this photograph while riding in one of the boats stationed in the foreground).

I visited in Oslo this week to perform a piano recital celebrating the music of Mexican and Norwegian composers. My heartfelt thanks to the Mexican…Read more