Piano Lessons




Student spotlight - piano recital

I am available to teach children and youth beginner through advanced levels. If you are interested in exploring signing up for lessons feel free to contact me to set up an initial consultation by e-mail or phone. All levels are welcome. No gift can bring more joy to a young person’s life than the gift of music. For parents interested in getting their children started on their musical journey, piano lessons with the right teacher can set the stage for a lifetime of enjoyment and appreciation of the art form.  The benefits of working with a private instructor are clear: one-on-one guidance from a professional, a customized lesson plan, and the encouragement that each individual student needs to achieve their goals and reach their potential. I focus on developing proper technique and artistic expression at the highest level possible. The investment of time and care families make can yield great benefits that extend well beyond music. Music education helps develop critical thinking, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. More importantly, students learn to focus and improve upon their work and feel a sense of achievement as a result.   


I am available to teach on weekends. The lessons take place at our home in south Tulsa with a concert level New York Steinway in the studio. Lessons are also available online for students who have reached at least an intermediate level.  

 Trial Lesson 

After a short phone or e-mail consultation, I ask that we have a trial lesson. This will allow me to meet the student and discern a student success plan.  Trial lessons are charged according to the tuition schedule. 


Payment is made for the next four lessons, meaning each payment is good for 4 lesson credits. I accept payment via personal check made to myself or electronic transfer via Paypal or Venmo. Cash is not accepted. 

Cancellations/Missed Lessons 

Each student has an agreed-upon scheduled lesson time. You may cancel a lesson by Wednesday of your lesson week for any reason. After that, your lesson credit will be forfeited. In the event that I need to cancel a lesson on a day I expected to teach, I will try to reschedule for another day during the week or see you the following weekend. Frequent studio instruction and student practice at home is a formula for success. If lesson attendance is inconsistent and this is leading to a student not making anticipated progress, lessons will no longer be offered. 

Studio Notes 

Students are expected to arrive five minutes early for an on-time lesson start and be picked up on time. Make sure your hands are clean and fingernails are clipped. One adult may accompany their student and observe their lesson (do not bring any other guests as it can be distracting). Students must be mindful to bring their assigned repertoire ready. This means that the student will need to practice during the week. I will advise you on ways to motivate students to do so. 

Masterclass and online lessons 

Short-term lessons are available for those students needing a masterclass approach in preparation for a competition or audition. Online lessons are also available via Zoom or Whatsapp.  

Method Books and Pianos 

I will recommend appropriate method books, scores, or other learning materials for your student. These materials will need to be purchased directly by the family. There are fine local shops and online vendors that carry most items readily. If you are thinking of buying or renting an acoustic or digital piano, I can also advise you on a suitable instrument for your student.  


If you are a current student and refer a new student to me and they begin lessons, you will receive one free lesson credit! You can share this webpage or my listing in the Steinway & Sons Teacher Directory.    

Update June 2020