Jose Luis' piano album "Sounds Blooming"

Jose Luis' piano solo album “Sounds Blooming”is available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon digital release. Recorded in May of 2014 at Boston’s WGBH Studios, the album marks the first occasion that Jose Luis has recorded a full solo album. In a performer’s note, he describes the album as a way to connect to the idea of how a personal sound world translates into the aesthetic experience of others—who come to the music with their own feelings, interpretations, and longings to hear the sounds in a new light.  Jose Luis’ approach and sensitivity for timing and imagining of nuances and textures cast a new perspective on familiar classical pieces as they are experienced in a gentle harmonic sequence which also serves to highlight their modernist and introspective qualities. For him, this album is a  reminder that it was the piano that first opened his life to the beauty of music.